Mopping Your Floor

Mopping has ever so rarely been rated as a favourite pastime, but it is one of those tasks that is a necessary evil. Since it is not a cherished activity, getting it right is all the more important. If you clean your floor right, then you can often gain more time in between mopping.

So, by following a couple of recommendations, the results of your floor washing can be more fulfilling, and less frustrating. First, while sweeping, or vacuuming the floor prior to mopping, look for sticky, messy spots that can be pre-washed and clean them up then and there.

Next, measure the proper amount of cleaning solution in your bucket with the hot water. While you may think that by adding more of the cleanser you will get a cleaner floor, you are incorrect. What you will probably get is a sticky residue that will make you want to mop again to remove it. Nobody wants to mop two times when they could have done the job with one spin around the room.