Display Child's Art and Awards

While we are all extremely proud of our children’s impressive artwork and awards we are not all fans of hanging bulletin boards covered in those items on the walls of our homes. So, the dilemma becomes, to hang that bragging board or not to hang it. Luckily, there is a way to achieve both, which should be a feel good ending for everyone.

Fill a bulletin board to the brim with the many wonderful things related to your son or daughter and then, wait for it, wait for it, hang it on the inside of a closet, or wardrobe door. Thus, you have fulfilled that common parental duty while maintaining the integrity of your rooms style. If you are still concerned about upsetting your child’s very fragile psyche, keep that door wide open all day and night long. And close it when the time arises for you to fulfil your right as an adult to show visitors a maturely decorated home.