Streamline the Household Chores

Some people like to carry out the household chores over the course of the week. That is one approach that we do not all have the luxury to complete during a long and arduous work week. That means those of us left need the fastest, and most effective way to clean the house up on a weekend day.

To summarize what needs to be done, as opposed to what can be set aside, follow the list below. Put on some music that gets you grooving and collect all the laundry. Break that into stacks and get the first batch washing. Clean countertops, toilets, and sinks prior to washing the floors, along with dusting all surfaces.

Keep the laundry going as you clean showers and tubs and lay out fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen. Wrap it all up by making the bed and folding the laundry. Try to keep the whole thing under three hours if you are doing it all by yourself. But if you can recruit others to help, the speed will increase tremendously. Well, that is as long as they are over the age of five, and can act their age.