Outdoor Garden Shed

It has been at least ten years since my spouse and I owned bikes, and it has probably been over twelve years sine we last rode bikes. Like many things we once enjoyed on a regular basis, the activity of riding bikes fell by the wayside as we worked to raise our children, climb the corporate ladder, and focus on one or two hobbies that we got the most satisfaction from.

I recall pretty clearly that we had come to a point where getting the bikes out of the old sheds was quite an ordeal because we had crammed in so much other stuff around them. The mere idea of rallying the children, motivating ourselves, and forcing the bikes out of the shed as things like garden tools, and abandoned household items came tumbling down around us was one that made the thought of biking sour.

This was a total drag because my husband and I had actually met one another as teenagers while out with friends on a day of bike riding. So, the act holds a special place in our personal history, and was one we expected would carry through our lives until we were simply too frail to do so anymore. But begrudgingly we faced facts and realised we no longer were using the bikes, and the space in the sheds was needed for other things we actually did use.

But as the phrase goes, the bikes might have been gone physically, but they were not forgotten by a long shot. So, last week as I was assessing the situation for the ninetieth time of the organisation of that same shed, I had an ah ha moment. The time has come to reintroduce bikes into our lives, and it can be done easily if we are to just purchase a bigger shed. The fact that we never contemplated this before is kind of funny if you think about it. But at least the thought did come to me, even if it took over a decade.

When I proposed to bring bike riding back into our daily lives, my husband’s face lit up. In fact we have been joking that we should get a bicycle built for two, as they always come across as a romantic experience. However, I doubt that we will do so, because that would then call for an even bigger shed, which would allow us to collect even more things to store in it, and this would not be in our best interest from that standpoint.

Thus, we will soon begin to shop for our new bikes, and I guess even helmets now. And of course we will now become very familiar with the sheds for sale that will comfortably house those bikes. Who knew that a bike shed could bring a form of romance back to a relationship, I know I did not.