Pull Out Pantry iIn bedroom

If there is one thing that I have on my short list of wants, it is a proper way to store and organise my shoes. The bedroom closet during the week often gets turned upside down, and articles of clothing, handbags, ties, socks and shoes seem to congregate on the floor. Naturally, this is not due to anything I do, this is the aftermath of my sweet counterparts frantic mornings. But, since we share a wardrobe, this means his typhoon takes down some of my possessions, and there they remain until an end of the week overhaul can be accomplished. Yuck, not the way I want to start my days off, but that is how the cookie crumbles eh. The optimum way to set up your shoes in my opinion is actually something taken straight out of a kitchen design. More commonly you will see pull out pantry shelves in near the cooking area. But, when these shelves are installed on a slight angle they become dream housing for a shoe collection.

This creates a super efficient way to protect your shoes, to see them, and to show them of if you are a shoe horse. I can’t recommend enough that you go one step further and line the shelves. The liners will not only create a lovely decorative background, and protect the shelves from whatever is carried in on the bottom of shoes, but also assists in prohibiting those kitten heels, pumps, mary janes, and stilettos from sliding when you pull the section out. Magnifique!