Organize Cleaning Products

If you have a closet, or laundry room in which to keep your cleaning products then you may consider adopting this organizational tool. On the back of the door of your closet, or laundry room, place a hanging showerhead shelf. It is perfectly suited for odds and ends, while it is also a great use of commonly unused space.

Otherwise, if you shove the products into a cabinet, you will forget all that is in the cabinet. Plus, it is way too likely that a domino effect will take place and one bottle will fall over sending the others around it tumbling over too. The outcome frequently being a spill which causes either short term damage, long term damage or just instant aggravation.

Organise Your Cleaning Tools for Good

Winter months can be some of the messiest ones where the home is concerned. We drag in wood, track in mud and slush, and leave it behind as we race to the fireplace to warm up. This means in due time, the cleaning tools are pulled out on multiple occasions, and then returned to where they are housed.

If you have not already created a way to sort your cleaning tools (such as mops, brooms and dusters) then here’s a nifty tip. Wherever you are storing these articles hang wall hooks to corral them. This will eliminate the pile up of the wide bottoms, and their constant falling over to knock things down in their course.

I know at first you are thinking that you do not have loops to dangle the instruments on the hooks. You do not need them, just attach the hooks close enough to one another so that the wide ends are able to balance in between them. You will wish you did this ages ago.