Whether you call them cabinet pulls, knobs, handles or hardware, they are the best article to change for a quick revamp to an outdated look. A run to the local hardware store will provide you with plenty of inspiration, as there are hundreds of different handle colours, shapes, and themes to be found. Some say it is more economical to buy your new hardware online, but this adds risk and waiting time to the project, and fast and easy is the goal here. As such, I would stick to the instant gratification approach.

Of course you will want everything in the space to match, so if there are drawers next to the cabinets you should replace those pulls also. Before scooting to the store, count the number of knobs, or pulls you will need, and measure to see the size of the already existing ones. These two steps will save you from multiple visits to the shop and the unnecessary job of drilling new holes, and filling old holes.